A Book A Month: Hold ’em Poker For Advanced Players

Hold 'em Poker is as popular as ever.  It is one of my favorite games because you're not playing against the house; you're playing against the other people at the table.  Each one of these players has their own personality and strategy to go with it.  Because of hold 'ems popularity on TV, many inexperienced players with shallow understanding of the game eagerly sit down at the table unaware of their vulnerabilities.

Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players by David Slansky & Mason Malmuth is a fantastic resource to gain a higher understanding and awareness of what is happening through each betting round.  Slowly applying the concepts in this book will have a noticeable impact on your game.  But remember, there is no replacement for experience.  I believe the most important part of this book is the grouping and ranking of starting hands.  This is the most objective part of the game and gets you off to the right start on each hand your dealt.

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