Affecting Climate Change Through Formula E Racing

SportTechie is on a mission to be the leader in news at the intersection of sports and technology.  Their weekly podcast recaps the latest development in sports tech news and divers deeper into a topic usually with a fascinating interview.  This weeks episode has a nice conversation about affecting climate change through Formula E Racing, check it out..


Motor Sports and The Environment

Alejandro Agag, CEO of an electric car racing circuit called Formula E, felt that motor sports was losing touch with the will and concerns of the people.  As climate change grows as a concern around the world, he wanted a way to change it through motor sport.  The goal is to get more people buying electric cars.  Some of the technologies Formula E cars use that could entice people to buy an electric car are:

  • Energy Regeneration – recovering energy through braking of the car
  • Data management – battery temp and other technical management
  • Most important – battery life/capacity

 2 main battery factors and some good news for both:

  1.  Energy Density
  2.  Cost

Energy density is continuously improving with other technologies.  As electric gains popularity, economies of scale will bring the price down.. more sales equals more production equals lower cost.


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