Building Your Social Media Following: 7 Points

A strong social media following is a critical & underrated part of growing your business.  Even if your product or service is valuable, you NEED other people to think so too.  And how are they going to think you're so valuable, if they don't even know you exist??  Today I listened to this podcast from  called School of Greatness.  Below are 7 points of advice he offers for growing your social media following. 

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How to Build a Massive Social Media Following


The 7 Keys to Doing Social Media Right

  1. Focus on authenticity over perfection. People want to follow real people.
  2. Be consistent. People need to get to know you and that takes time and consistency.
  3. Find your voice and speak to your target audience. The people who stick around are your true followers.
  4. Don’t make it all about you! Give shout outs to people and brands you love and that you support. Be a curator.
  5. Play the long game. Be patient. It ALWAYS takes time if you want it to last.
  6. Give value. People will only follow you if you are giving back to them. Never take your audience for granted.
  7. Explore different media types. Find what works and amplify that.


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