Continuing Disappointment: Securing Myself After Equifax Breach

While randomly going through my files I stumbled across my old credit score, brought to you by Equifax!  Stupid me not realizing I was one of the 145 and a half million people affected, I started to see what I could do to protect myself.  If you are not familiar with the Equifax Breach check out our summary of the Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith testimony.  Step numero uno, put a security freeze on my account.  To do this you go to Equifax's website and fill out a form


Immediately I notice I must enter in my social security number to place a freeze.  It seems a little counter-intuitive to enter my SSN on a company website that just suffered the most devastating hacks for consumers in history.  But I guess it doesn't matter much since my info is already out there.  I held off though and tried to to find a way to speak to a human.  Even if giving my social is the only way for them to look up my account (which cannot be true), I'd rather give it on a recorded customer support call than submit it somewhere on the internet.  Especially since Equifax tweeted out a phishing website as there response to this whole thing and allowed malware to be advertised as a flash player install on their site.  Unfortunately the Equifax contact page is down.. shocker!

I suppose it's time I sign up for Life Lock.  Their package for 10 bucks a month reimburses you up to 25 grand.  For $30 a month, up to 1 million!  If you were affected by this hack it may be something for you to consider as well.


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