Are Googles’ Priorities Your Priorities?

Communication, Encryption, and Your Priorities

Technology allows for easier communication and people are eager to start using.  Free instant messaging, email, video chat allow for much more efficient communication.  But as these communication methods become more popular they become targets to hackers looking to steal valuable information.  They also may just be looking to embarrass people by making private conversations public.  It is our job to have a clear understanding of our priorities, and if they are aligned with companies offering these services/software.

Privacy & Security vs. Ease of Communication

These days many people expect both.  Over the past week I have seen two things showing Google will be focusing on the second of those options.

“The real message is that they’re not actively developing this as a Google project anymore,” says Matthew Green, a cryptographer and computer scientist at Johns Hopkin University who has closely studied tech firms’ messaging encryption products. Green notes that after close to three years, he’s happy to see any code come out of Google’s Gmail encryption work.


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