IBM’s Watson at The Masters

The partnership between The Masters and IBM demonstrates some of the powerful possibilities with Watson, and other forms of AI.  Watson joined the cyber security team for this years tournament, helping keep the technical systems up so fans could enjoy the excitement.  Check out this article from IBM's Security Intelligence Blog

Masters Tournament Avoids Cybercrime Hazards With Watson for Security

Essentially, Watson helps bring the power of man and machine together to prioritize the most critical threats and investigate them more quickly, allowing our team of specialists to focus on what matters most — the user experience. With the help of Watson for Cyber Security, we rounded off yet another successful year for the Masters, keeping all IT assets running smoothly so that fans around the world could focus on what matters most to them: the golf.

But security wasn't the only way Watson got involved at the Masters.. here are some additional resources:

IBM using Watson to improve Masters experience for fans

IBM at the Masters in 2017



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