Introducing: The Shop

Introducing The Shop at High Up Web Development.

The goal of High Up Web Dev is to be continuously learning.  Lately I've started dabbling in E-commerce.  After researching and learning all about online stores, it is has come time to launch the shop.  Initially the shop will be an Amazon Associate model where monetization will occur through referring customers to products on Amazon, like a commission.  By using an affiliate link and the Woocommerce plugin, customers will be taken straight to Amazon to complete the purchase.  Product advertisements can also be placed through the site & on posts.


This shop is to test and learn about what type of stuff works and what doesn't.  Products, marketing strategies, suppliers,  and many other factors contribute to the success of the store.  The next step is dropshipping.  Before that can set that up legitimately an LLC must be created in order to setup relationships with suppliers.

Potential Products:

  • Drinking - beer, wine, accessories
  • Electronics - chargers, iPhone, Android, power banks, headphones
  • Active - outdoors, sports gear, hunting
  • Clothing - print to order, apparel, accessories


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