A Book A Month: Perfectly Yourself

BAM#5 was a gift from God, sort of. During Christmas Eve mass this year, the priest sent us off with copies of this book to start 2018 off introspectively. Consumerism consumes us, and it’s time to focus on ourselves if we want to make progress towards happiness. I enjoyed this book because it wasn’t full of scripture and religion, but rather ideas supported by an occasional Bible verse. I noticed I was in a more peaceful mood throughout the book as I tried applying some of the tips and concepts in the book. To be perfectly yourself is a journey: just do the next right thing and become the best version of yourself!

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Month 1: How To Win Friends & Influence People

1. Are You Making Progress? Celebrate Your Progress

2. Perfectly Imperfect — Just Do The Next Right Thing

3. Looking Into the Future — Put Character First

4. 86,400 Hours — Find What You Love and Do It

5. What Do You Believe — Live What You Believe

6. Beyond Instant Gratification — Be Disciplined

7. Unburden Yourself — Simplify

8. What Is Your Mission? Focus On What You Are Here To Give

9. Why Worry — Patiently Seek the Good in Everyone & Everything


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