PowerShell: A Powerful Command Line Tool for Windows

Windows PowerShell is an open source command line interface first released in 2006.. It had been 25 years since they released it’s un-updated predecessor, MD-DOS in 1981.  Many people are more comfortable with the widely distributed Windows platform, so release of a tool (that is based on the extensive .NET framework) was critical.

We run Kali Linux on Oracle Virtual Box for some projects and to learn more about penetration testing, network administration, and other skills in the terminal.  These tools are free and Open Source, so very appealing for learning and testing.  After reading a Tech Republic  article about Windows PowerShell, we learned it’s Open Source and has support for Linux.  We’re going to look into it using this as an alternative tool for some of our projects.

PowerShell: The smart person’s guide


      Executive summary

  • What is PowerShell? Microsoft’s PowerShell is a management framework that combines a command-line shell and scripting language that is built upon the .NET framework.
  • Why it matters: Capable of automating management tasks and functioning as a dedicated scripting language for Microsoft-based software.  It also includes commands called cmdlets that add functionality to the core foundation.
  • Who it affects: Businesses relying on Microsoft and Linux services to empower their business functions, and the IT professionals that are responsible for managing this infrastructure.
  • When it is happening: PowerShell 5.1 is currently available as an update from Microsoft’s website for Windows-based OSes, while Unix-based systems may clone or download the source code from GitHub.
  • How to get it: PowerShell is installed as part of all Windows client and server OSes. Also, Microsoft has made the source code available for use on Unix-based systems, including various Linux distributions and Mac OS.



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