How To: Replace Your Windshield Wiper

DIY Replacing Windshield Wiper for 2008 Toyota Rav4

Knowing how to replace a broken windshield wiper is an example of an easy task, that may not seem easy until you learn how to do it!  Add this task to your skill set and learn something new. 

This video from  is a quick demonstration of how to replace a windshield wiper on a Toyota Rav4. 

How To Replace a Broken Windshield Wiper '08 Toyota Rav4

High Up Web Deverlopment

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It's commonly said successful people are intellectually curious and are continuously learning new things.  Some of the most interesting people are ones who have a knowledge in a broad range of categories.  Replacing a busted wiper is an easy way to add a skill you may not have many of to your resume.  Little skills like this add up over time and are critical in in diversifying and adding volume to your capabilities.  Don't be helpless, and be of help to others.  Keep a list of your victories and look back on them after a one, five, or ten years.  This exercise is a great way to track your growth, and plan out your learning for the future.

Web Strategy

You need a web strategy for the same reason you need to know how to replace a broken windshield wiper.  Because you are capable of accomplishing things in a vast array of topics.  The ability to manage your own website and have a web strategy supporting it is an important skill for the millennial age.  Learn how a website can help you be successful.  Getting it up and running may be scary, but High Up is here to help.   We can fill in the gaps and help you become self sufficient with your IT assets.

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