Small Business Revolution

Discovered this website the other day:

Small Business Revolution

A website promoting small business with documentaries, contests, and business resources.  Very interesting site to dive into.


There was no bailout for small businesses. But in the wake the massive recession, small businesses collectively shouldered much of the burden of recovery.  With corporate jobs in short supply, where did people turn for jobs? They turned to the small business community and its inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirit. This is their story!

Small Business Stories

The Small Business Revolution started in 2015 as we criss-crossed the country to capture and share new stories every week. Nominated by friends and neighbors and selected by our team of storytellers, these small businesses – and their fantastic owners – represent the best of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Enjoy these stories and share your own small business stories with us on social media using the #SmallBusinessRevolution hashtag.

Main Street Series

In 2016, Deluxe introduced the “Small Business Revolution on Main Street,” which will award a $500,000 makeover to one small town. Two finalists will vie for the chance to win half a million dollars worth of services and support. The winning town’s transformation will be featured in an online show debuting Fall 2016 at

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