Social Engineering, Being Anonymous, & Searching the Internet Better

Ever since I read the book "Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking" by Christopher Hadnagy, I have been following .  This is a great free resource to learn about this element of cyber-crime.  Most cyber-attacks have an element of social engineering.  Humans many times are the weakest link in the chain.  

Methods of social engineering include: influence, manipulation, elicitation, info gathering, psychology, science, profiling, communications modeling, facial expressions, body language, art, misdirection, pretexting, emotion hijacking, rapport..

They had a very interesting podcast interviewing Michael Bazzell, a former FBI computer crime investigator, technical advisor to the show “Mr. Robot”, and privacy expert.  He runs a website called , IntelTechniques is your one-stop-shop for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training.  There is a great “tools” section to help the common man do better internet searching.  Another very cool thing they’ve developed is Buscador, a virtual machine pre-configured with tools for online investigators.  The differentiator here is they have made point & click interface for non-technical folk to be able to use commands that would typically require a tech-savvy person and a command line terminal.

You can find Chris on Twitter @humanhacker and Michael on Twitter @IntelTechniques !  Click on the book image to find it on Amazon!



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