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August 15, 2017

LiveChat – Instantly Communicate with your Web Traffic

LiveChat is a tool for online communication between a company and its customers. It easily integrates with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, AdWords, Mailchimp or Facebook. LiveChat comes with advanced reports, ...
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High Up Web Dev - holdem_poker_adv_players

A Book A Month: Hold ’em Poker For Advanced Players

Hold 'em Poker is as popular as ever.  It is one of my favorite games because you're not playing against the house; you're playing against the other people at the ...
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High Up Web Dev - Shop

Introducing: The Shop

Introducing The Shop at High Up Web Development. The goal of High Up Web Dev is to be continuously learning.  Lately I've started dabbling in E-commerce.  After researching and learning ...
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High Up Web Dev - Inner Game of Tennis

A Book A Month: The Inner Game of Tennis

The Inner Game of Tennis shows us how letting go of ego and trusting your innate abilities is key to your improvement and success.  Stop telling yourself what to do!  ...
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High Up Web Dev - Cyber Attacks Winter Olympics

Cyber Attacks at the Olympics

There have been multiple attacks on I.T. infrastructure at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.  Although it is too early to determine who is responsible for the attack and if ...
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High Up Web Dev - Weinstein Brothers Rubin Report

The Weinstein Brothers On The Rubin Report

Long-form discussion is gaining traction, and is so desperately needed.   There is very little, if not any, nuance in the mainstream.  The polarization of everything these days stinks, and the ...
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High Up Web Dev - Perfectly Yourself

A Book A Month: Perfectly Yourself

BAM#5 was a gift from God, sort of. During Christmas Eve mass this year, the priest sent us off with copies of this book to start 2018 off introspectively. Consumerism ...
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A Book A Month: Who’s Your Caddy?

BAM#4 took me into the hilariously frustrating life of a golf caddy. Each chapter is Reilly’s caddies for a variety of public figures and well known people, and shares his ...
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High Up Web Dev - You Can Read Anyone

A Book A Month: You Can Read Anyone

Book #3 in the BAM challenge is “You Can Read Anyone — Never be fooled, lied to, or taken advantage of again” by David Lieberman. This was an quick read once I ...
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High Up Web Dev - The American Spirit

A Book A Month: The American Spirit

Book #2 in my book a month challenge is "The American Spirit - Who We Are and What We Stand For" by David McCullough.  A refreshing & inspiring read about ...
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Continuing Disappointment: Securing Myself After Equifax Breach

While randomly going through my files I stumbled across my old credit score, brought to you by Equifax!  Stupid me not realizing I was one of the 145 and a ...
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High Up Web Dev - How To Win Friends & Influence People

A Book A Month: How To Win Friends & Influence People

A goal I set on my 27th year of life was to read one book each month for the year. After a couple years of following news and current events ...
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High Up Web Dev - Equifax Breach

Points From Former Equifax CEO Testimony

Richard Smith, former Equifax CEO, testified before the House Energy & Commerce Committee on his first stop on his tour testifying before committees. He confirmed some of terrible stories floating ...
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High Up Web Dev - Blockchain Handshake

Oracle Takes Blockchain to the Cloud

I’ve read many articles, seen talks, and listened to theories about how Blockchain technology (the underlying technology of Bitcoin) has the potential to be one of the most transformative technologies ...
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High Up Web Dev - CCleaner Backdoor

CCleaner Backdoor: A Popular Anti-Malware Is Actually Malware

CCleaner, a popular anti-malware software, has been the next target of supply chain attacks. A backdoor has been installed that sends key information about the machine, which is used to ...
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Minimum Wage, Puerto Rico, & Other Insights From a “1 Percenter”

Episode #1002 of the Joe Rogan Experience features Peter Schiff, an American business who specializes in finance. Some people may remember him as the “1 percenter” who interviewed Occupy Wall ...
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High Up Web Dev - Relayo

Live Chat With Experts On Relayo

Relayo wants to support the gig economy.  They are joining the likes of Uber, Airbnb, Fiver, and many other companies that help people create side hustles, freelancing opportunities, and consulting ...
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High Up Web Dev - Futsolo Experience

Futsolo will help you get your touches, touches, touches…

The Futsolo Experience Kickstarter The decision to play soccer at the next level starts at a very young age.  Training with the Futsolo is the first step to reaching your ...
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Stay Up To Date With theHUSTLE!

A few months ago I signed up for an online newsletter called ‘The Hustle‘. Every weekday I receive an email with a handful of interesting and relevant stories that I ...
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High Up Web Dev - Bitcoin 101

Understand Bitcoin? We didn’t either until…

You keep hearing about Bitcoin.  You've started seeing Bitcoin exchange ATM's in the mall.  Your friend paid for his international honeymoon with Bitcoin!  But do you get it?  Even after ...
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High Up Web Dev - Swim Vid World

Swim Vid World – Your Team’s Video and Results Archive

Mobile devices are everywhere these days, and yet swim team's & club's have been slow to adopt and utilize video in a consistent and organized way.  Swim Vid World's  aim ...
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High Up Web Dev - IT Vendor Management

The Basics: IT Vendor Management in an Ever-Changing Business Environment

Companies are increasingly using IT vendors to keep stay up to date with industry standards and have specific skills in a perpetually changing IT environment.  Growth in IT has required ...
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High Up Web Dev - Cimate Change Formula E Racing

Affecting Climate Change Through Formula E Racing

SportTechie is on a mission to be the leader in news at the intersection of sports and technology.  Their weekly podcast recaps the latest development in sports tech news and ...
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High Up Web Development - Lost Art of Memorization

The Lost Art Of Memorization

These days any question can be answered with a google search typed into the mobile device in your pocket.  The argument can be made that the combination of the internet ...
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High Up Web Dev - Social Engineering

Social Engineering, Being Anonymous, & Searching the Internet Better

Ever since I read the book "Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking" by Christopher Hadnagy, I have been following .  This is a great free resource to learn ...
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High Up Web Dev - IBM's Watson at The Masters

IBM’s Watson at The Masters

The partnership between The Masters and IBM demonstrates some of the powerful possibilities with Watson, and other forms of AI.  Watson joined the cyber security team for this years tournament, ...
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High Up Web Dev - Joe Rogan Experience Neil Degrasse Tyson

Joe Rogan Experience with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Forget what you think you know about Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. An extremely interesting podcast, give it a listen. The Joe Rogan Experience. Visit Joe Rogan's website for ...
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High Up Web Dev - Sweatshops Pennies

Are AI Training Platforms The Sweatshops of Today?

With globalization came sweatshops.  Amazon's Mechanical Turk & similar platforms, which use human click labor to do real tasks for dirt cheap, are referred to as a natural extension to ...
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High Up Web Dev - Security Priorities

Are Googles’ Priorities Your Priorities?

Communication, Encryption, and Your Priorities Technology allows for easier communication and people are eager to start using.  Free instant messaging, email, video chat allow for much more efficient communication.  But ...
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High Up Web Dev - CloudBleed

CloudBleed: Your Private Messages Leaked

CloudBleed is an ongoing bug affecting websites using CloudFlare , a company offering internet security, a content delivery system, and DNS services. This bug randomly returns private messages, credentials, and other ...
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High Up Web Dev - Phone Hacks

Phone Hacks in Public Areas: Two Attacks & How To Protect Yourself

Many people are concerned with hacking these days. Many people have cell phones. Not many people are aware of cell phone hacks, nor the safety precautions they should take to ...
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High Up Web Dev - PowerShell

PowerShell: A Powerful Command Line Tool for Windows

Windows PowerShell is an open source command line interface first released in 2006.. It had been 25 years since they released it’s un-updated predecessor, MD-DOS in 1981.  Many people are ...
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High Up Web Dev - Social Media Following

Building Your Social Media Following: 7 Points

A strong social media following is a critical & underrated part of growing your business.  Even if your product or service is valuable, you NEED other people to think so ...
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High Up Web Dev

Mac’s Can Be Hacked Too: Malicious Code in Word Docs

There’s an old wives tale that Mac’s can’t be hacked.. Wrong.  Many attacks just choose to focus on Windows because of the wild popularity among business enterprise and consumers.  This ...
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Password Key

Password Strategy: New Year New Protection

This password strategy will make your passwords stronger & easier to remember This explains it better than I can:XUESHACK: Choosing a Strong Password Websites often have password complexity requirements (UPPER/lower ...
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High Up - Small Business Revolution

Small Business Revolution

Discovered this website the other day: Small Business Revolution A website promoting small business with documentaries, contests, and business resources.  Very interesting site to dive into. Documentary There was ...
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High Up Web Development Eugene Oregon Clouds

How To: Replace Your Windshield Wiper

DIY Replacing Windshield Wiper for 2008 Toyota Rav4 Knowing how to replace a broken windshield wiper is an example of an easy task, that may not seem easy until you ...
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High Up Bitcoin Blockchain

Understand It Early: Bitcoin & Blockchain

Creating a Bitcoin for beginners post was on the list of things to do.  Luckily, this article and Ted talk do fantastic job of layout it out from the very ...
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New Domains High Up

New Domains; the post dotCOM era

An interesting podcast from NPR's Planet Money about the internet, and how more options besides .com are available for the end of a web domain. How exactly does that work? ...
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Time Money Cash King

Time is Money & Cash is King

Time is Money Save your time by having us         do initial technical setup       Cash is King Save your cash by managing itWe'll show you how Entrepreuship is ...
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