Understand Bitcoin?  We didn't either until...

You keep hearing about Bitcoin.  You've started seeing Bitcoin exchange ATM's in the mall.  Your friend paid for his international honeymoon with Bitcoin!  But do you get it?  Even after researching the topic fairly extensively I have realized I'm never able to explain Bitcoin to people as articulately as I'd like, or what the possibilities of blockchain technology are outside of a digital currency.

Swim Vid World - Your Team's Video and Results Archive

Mobile devices are everywhere these days, and yet swim team's & club's have been slow to adopt and utilize video in a consistent and organized way.  Swim Vid World's  aim is to bring swim team's into the social tech era.  They create web portals where teams can upload video straight from their phone or other mobile device. 

The Basics: IT Vendor Management in an Ever-Changing Business Environment

Companies are increasingly using IT vendors to keep stay up to date with industry standards and have specific skills in a perpetually changing IT environment.  Growth in IT has required greater expertise to implement, manage, and upgrade systems.  Although businesses may have an in-house IT department, utilizing IT vendors for more difficult problems can be the most efficient and effective way to utilize resources.  But with increased reliance on outside parties to keep the business going, managing IT vendors must become a focus.  Misunderstanding the contract, scope, and expectations of a project can cause a terrible headache.  In the TechRepublic infographic below it shows 47% of companies have at least 10 vendors, so poor management of IT vendor relationships can cause that headache to become a migraine.

Affecting Climate Change Through Formula E Racing

SportTechie is on a mission to be the leader in news at the intersection of sports and technology.  Their weekly podcast recaps the latest development in sports tech news and divers deeper into a topic usually with a fascinating interview.  This weeks episode interviews Alejandro Agag, CEO of an electric car racing circuit called Formula E, who felt that motor sports was losing touch with the will and concerns of the people.  As climate change grows as a concern around the world, he wanted a way to change it through motor sport, with the goal is to get more people buying electric cars.

The Lost Art Of Memorization

These days any question can be answered with a google search typed into the mobile device in your pocket.  The argument can be made that the combination of the internet and mobile devices frees up your brain for other types of thought.  Many people make say one of the problems with modern education is that standardized testing is a measure of memorization and regurgitation.  While I agree it's amazing to have such a vast knowledge base sitting in my pocket, I have a theory it's accelerating our short term memory loss!  There is also something impressive to be said about memorization and how it can put forth a good impression when networking and other business relations.

Social Engineering, Being Anonymous, & Searching the Internet Better

Ever since I read the book "Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking" by Christopher Hadnagy, I have been following http://www.social-engineer.org/ .  They had a very interesting podcast interviewing Michael Bazzell, a former FBI computer crime investigator, technical advisor to the show “Mr. Robot”, and privacy expert.  He runs a website called https://inteltechniques.com/ , IntelTechniques is your one-stop-shop for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training.  There is a great “tools” section to help the common man do better internet searching.

IBM's Watson at The Masters

The partnership between The Masters and IBM demonstrates some of the powerful possibilities with Watson, and other forms of AI.  Watson joined the cyber security team for this years tournament, helping keep the technical systems up so fans could enjoy the excitement.  Check out this article from IBM's Security Intelligence Blog

Joe Rogan Experience with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Forget what you think you know about Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. An extremely interesting podcast, give it a listen. The Joe Rogan Experience.

Are AI Training Platforms The Sweatshops of Today?

With globalization came sweatshops.  Amazon's Mechanical Turk & similar platforms, which use human click labor to do real tasks for dirt cheap, are referred to as a natural extension to globalization in the article below.  Requestors submit tasks such as categorization, data entry, picture tagging, and other types of repetitive tasks that go to human workers known as Turkers.  These data points are used to train artificial intelligence, by giving them millions of similar repetitive tasks they develop the ability to do them much more efficiently than humans.

Are Googles' Priorities Your Priorities?

Technology allows for easier communication and people are eager to start using.  Free instant messaging, email, video chat allow for much more efficient communication.  But as these communication methods become more popular they become targets to hackers looking to steal valuable information.  They also may just be looking to embarrass people by making private conversations public.  It is our job to have a clear understanding of our priorities, and if they are aligned with companies offering these services/software.

CloudBleed: You’re Private Messages On The Web

CloudBleed is an ongoing bug affecting websites using CloudFlare , a company offering internet security, a content delivery system, and DNS services. This bug randomly returns private messages, credentials, and other pieces of data to the user on certain requests.

Phone Hacks in Public Areas: Two Attacks & How To Protect Yourself

Many people are concerned with hacking these days. Many people have cell phones. Not many people are aware of cell phone hacks, nor the safety precautions they should take to protect themselves.  As public Wi-Fi and charging stations become more popular, so will exploits on unsuspecting mobile phone users.  The following articles explain two different types of phone hacks, and how to protect against these types of attacks.  High Up Web Development.

PowerShell: A Powerful Command Line Tool for Windows

We run Kali Linux on Oracle Virtual Box for some projects and to learn more about penetration testing, network administration, and other skills in the terminal.  These tools are free and Open Source, so very appealing for learning and testing.  After reading a Tech Republic  article about Windows PowerShell, we learned it's Open Source and has support for Linux.  We're going to look into it using this as an alternative tool for some of our projects..

Building Your Social Media Following: 7 Points

A strong social media following is a critical & underrated part of growing your business.  Even if your product or service is valuable, you NEED other people to think so too.  And how are they going to think you're so valuable, if they don't even know you exist??

Mac’s Can Be Hacked Too: Malicious Code in Word Docs

There's an old wives tale that Mac's can't be hacked.. Wrong.  Many attacks just choose to focus on Windows because of the wild popularity among business enterprise and consumers.  This article goes over the discovery of an old windows technique being used for a new Mac Hack: Macro-Enabled documents that can contain malicious code.

New Year New Password Strategy

Passwords that are difficult to remember doesn't make them more secure...  Check out this explanation of why longer is better!

Small Business Revolution

Small Business Revolution is a website promoting small & local business with documentaries, contests, and business resources.

How To: Replace Your Windshield Wiper

Knowing how to replace a broken windshield wiper is an example of an easy task, that may not seem easy until you learn how to do it!  Add this task to your skill set and learn something new.

Understand It Early: Bitcoin & Blockchain

Creating a Bitcoin for beginners post was on the list of things to do.  Luckily, this article & Ted talk do fantastic job laying it out from the very basics, and go on to talk about other ways Blockchain technology can be utilized in the future.

New Domains; the post dotCOM era

It's the wild wild west in internet real estate according to NPR's Planet Money.  Check listen to the podcast, and let us know how you'd High Up Web Development to assist you with your web strategy &    business goals.

Time is Money & Cash is King

Save your time by having us do the initial technical setup of your website.  Save your cash by knowing how to manage it yourself.  High Up Web Development - Empowering you to keep your business going

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