Swim Vid World – Your Team’s Video and Results Archive

Mobile devices are everywhere these days, and yet swim team's & club's have been slow to adopt and utilize video in a consistent and organized way.  Swim Vid World's  aim is to bring swim team's into the social tech era.  They create web portals where teams can upload video straight from their phone or other mobile device.  Team's can organize videos by meet, stroke, or event and include results to archive their competitions.  Athletes can have their own personal page of videos where they can monitor race strategy over time, analyze & perfect stroke technique, and have a shareable link for family, friends, and social media.  To get a better idea, check out their demo!

Swim Vid World keeps cost low by integrating Youtube into each team's site.  This saves money on server space for hosting videos and provides a reliable & familiar video player for users.  Each Swim Vid World is built using the WordPress , a very popular open source (free) platform with an active online community. 

Please visit Swim Vid World and check out the demo!


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