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A few months ago I signed up for an online newsletter called ‘The Hustle‘. Every weekday I receive an email with a handful of interesting and relevant stories that I end up seeing pop up in other media a few days later. Short, straight, and to the point with a minimal amount of opinion. 


As I thought of a genuine, persuasive message about how The Hustle has been a nice addition to my morning routine, I realized they did a fine job of that themselves:

I used to read the news, but let’s be honest: that crap is dry and you only read it because you feel kinda like you should if you want to be a “good” adult. If you want a quick, blah-blah-blah sounding scoop on big world news today, your robot pal Alexa or the New York Times app can do that for you in a jiffy. But for a daily news email that’s funnier, punnier, less political, more relevant, and 200% guaranteed to make you sound more interesting at dinner parties and/or during Tinder dates, you HAVE to get on board with The Hustle. Like, now. Sign up today and tell me I’m right tomorrow.


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